Are You Doing Everything To Effectively Market Your Business?

Are You Doing Everything To Effectively Market Your Business?If you ask small businesses and startups to tell you the most difficult aspect of their business, they’ll most likely mention the problem of attracting and retaining customers. Due to lack of adequate resources and time, most entrepreneurs don’t have the luxury of outsourcing their needs to experienced-marketing professionals. For this same reason, you are probably not doing everything to effectively market your business. Fortunately, there are lots of cost-effective ideas you can rely on to effectively market your business. In this article, you will find three high-impact approaches on how to reach, win, and retain your customers.

Leverage Social Media

There are lots of ways of engaging your potential customers. However, social media is the best option, especially if you are working on a tight budget. A recent social media usage report of Pew Research Center indicates that approximately two-thirds of American adults are currently on social media. This is close to a tenfold increase within the last ten years. The report also points out that 90 percent of young adults use social media, which is a 78-percent point increase within the last decade.

The most popular social media sites include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google Plus. You don’t pay anything to use these sites. You can use one or two of them that can help you reach your customers and begin to improve your brand image. The idea is to provide your online audience with some useful, engaging information. Post a few times a week and learn who is consuming your content and what they are interested in and improve progressively.

Increase Lead Generation with Email Marketing

Pick email marketing because it is an effective digital marketing strategy, can deliver the best ROI, is easy to use and is best for increasing your lead generation as well as customer engagement. Start a small customer newsletter that provides valuable and timely information about your products, great features of your business, and special promotions. This way, you will be able to develop a community with your audience and keep your business and products on their mind.

If you want to get more advanced, use free services such as MailChimp to enable you to send marketing emails, targeted campaigns, and automated messages to your customers. You can go further and send one-one messages using another free product known as Sidekick. This product will automatically notify you whenever anyone opens an email you sent them. Remember to send messages only to people who have given you permission so you can uphold your credibility.

Share Great Content

Not only does your audience love informative, interesting content, but search engines like Google does too. Share your content on your blog, your websites, and other credible sites. Create videos, design infographics, and host podcasts. When appropriate, offer to be a guest blogger for another site or to be interviewed on a podcast. If you do this, you will not only gain recognition as an expert but also get free traffic.

If you still think you will never be able to effectively market your business, think again. Marketing agencies such as SLAM can offer assistance on virtually anything that pertains to marketing. Entrepreneurs who run out of content-creation ideas and any other marketing-related ideas always turn to them to build their businesses.

Effectively marketing is extremely critical to the success of your business. But that doesn’t mean you have to invest too much into marketing. Find products and services that can help drive customer acquisition and retention. Whenever you need help, turn to credible marketing agencies to protect your resources and the future of your business.


5 Ways To Save Money This Holiday Season

5 Ways To Save Money This Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again. However, with the economy in the dumps, there is much speculation floating around as to how much debt people will find themselves in this holiday season. That being said, the following are five easy ways you can save yourself some money (as well as a headache) when you hit the stores:

5 Ways to Save $$ This Holiday Season

    1. Make a List and Check it Twice! I don’t know about you, but every time I go into a grocery store without a list, I wind up purchasing way more than I ever intended to. The same thing applies to holiday shopping. Ask people for specifics on what they want. If you’re on a budget, ask your friends and family members to provide you with a variety of options for things that they want, this way you won’t feel pressured to buy something you can’t really afford. Once you’ve got this in hand, write it down and hang on to it. Once you’ve got your entire shopping list together, figure out how much you will be able to spend on everyone and DON’T STRAY FROM THE LIST!
    2. Give Yourself Time! Last minute shopping is something that most of us have succumbed to at some point in our lives-especially during the holiday crunch. However, there is no real reason for it to have to be like this; after all, you do have at least a year to plan ahead to the Christmas season!! Last-minute shopping isn’t the best because when people are cornered, they tend to spend money carelessly in a panic. Budget your time so that you’re not pressed for it; it’ll save you a lot of money in the long run!
    3. Don’t Be Fooled by the “Sales”! Just because something is on sale doesn’t necessarily mean that you should buy it. Many people have bought things that they didn’t really need or couldn’t really use simply because it was “on sale”. Unless you know the true value of the item that is on sale and actually have a need for it, don’t even think twice about it.
    4. Buy Meaningful Gifts! Too often, we get caught up in the holiday season and truly forget what the meaning of Christmas is. Sure, while it may look nice to have a ton of gifts strewn about beneath your Christmas tree, this really isn’t what the season is about. Especially because more people are on a budget now, gift-giving has taken on its true meaning. People appreciate gifts from each other when there is a lot of thought behind them. Be creative and think of ways that you can show someone you really care without spending a ton of money. There’s a fine line between simply being “cheap” and being thoughtful. Tread carefully!
  • Find Time for Family! While most of us spend our time at the mall or shopping centers or even recently, online, the holiday season should always be about putting your family first. Even if it means setting aside a couple of hours one night a week to order in some pizza and play a board game or watch a rented movie, finding time to spend with the ones you care about the most doesn’t have to be pricey and is much more fulfilling than any amount of money that you could spend on gifts that come from a store.

Advertise Or Re-Design?

Advertise Or Re-Design?This series is intended to help you answer the burning question – “Is it time for a new web site?” If you haven’t read the earlier posts, I’ll include them here – but you can jump in right here.

This week, I’m going to talk about how to identify your perfect market by blogging. How does one go about doing that? First, let me stipulate up front that this approach will take 6 months to a year. If you don’t have that kind of time, read the Week 2 post. You can accelerate the curve to 90 days if you can spend some money on advertising. If you can’t do either and need the money now, it’s time to get a job.

That out of the way, let me address a couple of basics about blogging.

  1. If you don’t understand the point of a blog, start reading blogs. I refuse to explain the point of blogging to anyone who doesn’t read blogs. If you set aside 30 minutes per week to read blogs, you’ll either start to get the point or decide that blogging is clearly not for you. Get an RSS reader. If you run out of stuff to read before 30 minutes are up, go out and find some more blogs. There are plenty.
  2. Blogs aren’t just for writers. You can create a video blog or a photo blog. Check out Max Chandler’s visual blog as a good example of original content. Whatever medium you choose, a blog must authentically express who you are.
  3. Blogs aren’t for advertising. I can’t stress this enough – partly because you’re going to find a lot of blog posts with titles like “5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a [insert name of profession here].” Just because you see someone else doing it doesn’t make it a good idea. Blogs are terrible for advertising.

What exactly are we doing here, and how is this going to help you sell more plumbing supplies? For the next six months, it isn’t. In fact, it might never. What you’re looking to do is begin mastering the art of attracting like-minded individuals by expressing your passion. Create a blog filled with the ideas that inspire you the  most. Sooner or later, those ideas will inspire someone else. How will you know when this happens? The easier you make it for people to respond to you, the sooner you’ll get a response. One technique that I’ve tried before is something I call “the Easter Egg” technique. I wrote a newsletter for a client where we buried a line that quietly mentioned an opportunity for a free dessert for the first person who mentioned the newsletter in the store. There are plenty of other ways – the key is to be creative.

Sooner or later, someone will begin to respond. It might come in the form of an offline response – such as “I saw your blog post the other day…” Write down where the responses are coming from, and pay attention to what seems to be attracting a response.

This may seem to be straying a bit from our original topic 3 weeks ago, but I promise you that it’s not. This will help you to figure out who your market is – if in a slow and roundabout way. You might find yourself attracting the wrong kind of people for your business. If that happens, consider that you might be in the wrong business altogether.

Next week, I’ll be wrapping up the series with a discussion of information products. Hint: if you blog and stick with it, selling information products will be a natural fit.

Making Money with Fiverr Doing Whatever You Want

How do you make money on Fiverr with no experience? - JoomTech SolutionsThe premise behind Fiverr is simple, pay or be paid $5 to do a task. The odd comes in because that $5 can be for anything as long as it is not illegal, adult or hate filled. Sign up is simple and can be done using your Facebook log-in.

The tasks you want to do are called gigs. You set up a gig by entering in what you will do in the title, a description, buyer instructions, tags (keywords), and a picture of either the product or something similar to it. You must also tell the buyer in the ad how long it will take you to complete the assignment once they buy. If you don’t complete it on time, it will hurt your standings and in that case you will need to buy Fiverr reviews.

Fiverr likes you to add a video introducing yourself and telling about the gig. I am not sure if that adds to sales or not, but I did noticed they tended to be the featured ones.

Once your gig is live, you can promote it on social networks, otherwise you just wait for one to be sold. Within hours of posting mine, I had a sale. It was a quick tweet to my followers which took me literally seconds to do.

Once you have completed your task you have to submit proof or file in the “deliver” to customer area. I did this by copying and pasting the status which is simple to find on twitter. They saw it was live, and the buyer submitted that the task was completed.

Here is the one problem I have with Fiverr. After you have finished your work and it has been approved by the customer, you have to wait 14 days for payment. Also, you only make $4 since Fiverr keeps $1. That is not bad, but twenty percent does seem a little excessive. When the time is up you get to withdraw your money, but if it is less than $50 it will cost you another two percent.

Some people are giving away the farm for $5 in my view. They are offering to do customized videos, write code, do WordPress installs and customization. That is a lot of work for $5, but on the other hand if someone is new to those areas it does give them an opportunity to build their portfolio.

To me, Fivver is great if you want to make some extra money doing something that takes almost no time to do. In fact, if it takes less than 5 minutes then that is not bad. Anything more than that and you will not be making a lot of money.

So can you be successful at this? It depends on what you are offering. View what the most popular items are to see what people are willing to spend their money on. Regardless of what you choose to offer make sure it makes financial sense to do. A project which takes hours to do is not smart for $5.

Top Five Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Wife

10 First Mother's Day Gift Ideas for New Moms | ParentsGive her reason to brag about you to friends and family. Here are five thoughtful gift ideas:


You’re the master of D.I.Y (do-it-yourself). You strut like a peacock knowing that you have all the right tools to get a household repair task done. Well, it’s time to spruce up the mansion with a little interior painting, it can be a special gift for your lover. Start with your master bedroom. That’s your nest. Isn’t that why you’re celebrating mother’s day? We’re talking about your wife, not your mom. Take her with you to select the color scheme and do the work as you promised. Rearrange the furnishings if it makes sense. Turn it into a new room for her. A new comforter set, window coverings, and new lamp shades accentuate the fine paint job. If you had a can of spinach you have the power to paint the master bath and family room too.

$100 – $350


Shoe Shine

Do you know how many women neglect their shoes no matter how well they dress? Shoe care is at the bottom of the list for most women. If there are scuff marks on the back of her pumps or flats it’s because she likely drives in her shoes and the driver seat is positioned back too far. Be her hero and gather up five or six pair of her favorite shoes and boots to have them professionally repaired, cleaned and shined. Give a local shoe repair shop a call. You may have to drop the shoes off in the morning and pick them up later in the evening. Put all of the shoes in a big wrapped box, include a few pair of sexy fishnet hosiery and watch her get a kick out of her shiny refurbished kicks and accessories.

$50 – $100


What woman doesn’t enjoy an intense love story? It doesn’t get more passionate and powerful than the ballet. These live theater productions are spectacular. Don’t think of it as a bunch of male dancers running around in little tights, there will also be female dancers running around in little tights. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander – right? Purchase two tickets (for her and you) to a popular local production. There are of course, evening performances and weekend matinees that are sometimes half price. If its her first time, she will be stoked by the amazing scenery and costumes.

$40 – $150

House Cleaning

She does a fantastic job keeping the home clean, of course with the help of you and those wonderful children. That just might be a stretch of the imagination – you and the children. Have the house professionally cleaned from top to bottom. A professional service will vacuum, treat wood floors, mop floors, clean floor boards, dust, clean vertical or horizontal blinds, thoroughly clean bathrooms, kitchen, appliances, pantry and laundry room. Throw in professional carpet cleaning, get your teeth whitened the day before and stand there with a bright smile while she hugs you like the day you proposed to her. Lastly, you and the little refriger-raiders, help mom keep the house clean.

$150 – $250

Cooking Class

This gift could be more for you than for her since you flop at boiling an egg. Just make sure she knows that you’re not dropping a hint about her cooking. These classes typically last several hours and can be fun for both of you. The courses are very hands-on and taught in commercially equipped kitchens by Master Chefs. You’ll learn vital cooking techniques, how to properly use cooking utensils, and prepare popular cuisines from around the world. The best part is you get to eat what you cook along with a nice glass or two of wine. This can be an excellent way for the two of you to share a fun time together and for you to exercise your newly discovered culinary skills and creativity by preparing a surprise candle lit dinner for mom on a random evening in the not too distant future.

$75 – $250

Marketing A University Entrepreneurship Based Organization Chapter

Marketing A University Entrepreneurship Based Organization Chapter

Marketing across campus is often a hard task for student run organizations. Other than posting flyers in study halls and in the library, options may seem scarce, but this is not the case for innovative leaders of university student run chapters of the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization(CEO). Leaders from CEO chapters across North America contributed their ideas and current efforts to recruit new student members. This article outlines several ideas given by students from Tampa University, Fresno State University, the University of Nebraska Omaha, Georgia State University, Genesee Community College, and Illinois State University along with others.
Tampa University CEO Leader Jake Filloramo shared an experience of helping out another chapter with an event. “Last semester we reached out to the art honor society who were holding an art sale. While talking to various members at the art sale we realized that even art student understand the importance of running a business but very few understood how to get started. That is when we offered our help and invited them to our meetings and our very own Southeast Entrepreneurship Conference. At the conference art and music students heard from successful entrepreneurs in their field and attended various workshops.” After assisting with the sale’s marketing and setup, the CEO chapter gained several members that then realized their interest in entrepreneurship.
Illinois State University is hosting a Business Model-Athon this upcoming semester to attract students from all around campus, not just business college students. The event will allow students to contribute ideas for starting a small business, creating a product, or other ideas. Blake Porter, ISU CEO Chapter President is leading the event.
The University of Nebraska Omaha is arranging a Slip ‘n’ Slide event for incoming Freshman to meet one another and learn about the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization. Getting students familiar with each other and an organization during their Freshman year can help shape their college experience for the better and provide them with more opportunities in the future. Fresno State is taking a calculated approach to recruiting in the quad during rush week to all students of any college within the university. They are hosting a field day event to give members a real-world look at entrepreneurship.
Other ideas from student leaders include working with professors who know of students who have great business ideas that may want to be a part of an entrepreneurial organization, and a ttending other organizations ‘ events to meet and involve new students . Being active and getting involved in your campuses culture and events is the best way to make connections and to ensure success for your student organization.

Top 5 Marketing Blogs

Top 5 Marketing BlogsFor some, online marketing can be confusing, if not scary. Thankfully there is a number of great marketing blogs you can consult when looking for ways to promote yourself and your business on and offline. Some of the blogs rehash the same ideas over and over again, but there are some that offer great ideas and helpful tips.

Duct Tape Marketing talks mostly about “simple, effective and affordable small business marketing”. It’s comprehensive and incredibly useful for any small business owner. Even though the design can be a bit overwhelming if you prefer a simple and clear websites, the articles and posts are worth browsing through.

Another blog, which I find very unique is Wonder Branding, which talks about marketing to women and caters primarily to businesses that target female customers. But the beauty of this particular blog is that most of the information can be used in any type of business. Michelle Miller, the author of this blog, is a consultant working with businesses across the US, as well as the co-author of a great book “The Soccer Mom Myth”.

To be perfectly honest, no list of marketing blogs would be complete without Seth Grodin, who, after releasing his highly successful book “Unleashing the Ideavirus” about viral marketing, became a well known online marketing guru. His views on viral marketing and promoting your business are one of the most interesting posts I’ve ever read. This is simply the one blog you should visit whenever you have the time.

Church of the Customer Blog is a blog that caught my attention with their amazing post “Loyalty lessons from Lady Gaga”. Their posts are delivered with creativity and yet they still offer constructive advice on how to improve your business and promote it better. Both Jackie Huba and Ben McConnell are experts at turning customers into loyal followers and we all it’s the regulars that help any business thrive.

And finally, a simply titled The Marketing Blog, from Michael Fleischner, who has over 13 years of marketing experience. I love his style because it’s simple, the message is clear and delivered without any small talk. I especially recommend this blog for all those who are just starting up and still learning what’s what and how to achieve what they want. And still, experienced businesspeople can still learn a lot from this blog.

There are of course other marketing and business blogs that can be extremely helpful and offer great insight into the world of online marketing, these are the five, which I find to be the most informative, creative and also my favorite.

A Successful Advertising Campaign Is Absolutely Critical In The Business World Today

A Successful Advertising Campaign Is Absolutely Critical In The Business World TodayA successful advertising campaign is absolutely critical in the business world today. Record numbers of companies, using the broadest range of media ever seen by the public, are fighting each other for the same customers, creating a hyper-competitive advertising market. Companies that don’t implement the right marketing strategies will quickly find themselves left behind all the others that promote their goods and services more effectively.

Businesses in Manchester that are looking to upgrade and enhance their marketing through advertising can greatly benefit by enlisting the professional services of a media agency that has vast experience in a wide platform of advertising means, one with a proven track record of success who will stand by with the company in every step of the advertising and marketing process. One prime example of a company that can perform all advertising functions for company in top form is One Agency Media in Manchester.

It is widely accepted now that a great many companies are shifting much, if not all of their advertising focus to digital media. This methodology can be effective in some mediums, but can be a “hit or miss” proposition for some.

A very effective medium of advertising that is still extremely popular, and will last the “test of time”, is the use of outdoor media to reach customers. Businesses that advertise by the following means are guaranteed to have their adverts seen by a tremendous number of people on a daily basis. And, after all, isn’t this what paying for advertising is all about?

Bus, taxi, and Advan advertising: Rolling adverts will always have very high visibility. It is estimated that 30 million people will see advertising on buses every week. Taxis are very numerous, and are seen everywhere in the most advantageous parts of the city for advertising, and reach areas buses don’t go. Advans can present large ads, and function in much the same way taxis do for advertising.

Airport and Rail advertising: With guaranteed high numbers of traffic, these are always solid areas to count on high numbers of passenger viewing.

Other means of advertising that have been around seemingly forever, and will continue to be most effective are Print and Press advertising, Radio advertising, and Billboard advertising.

If a company does elect to go with some form of digital promotion, the right company can help the client with a promotional video, helping bring their product to life, engaging the customer this way.

How Can I Prevent My Travertine Tile Floors From Becoming Stained Over Time?

How Can I Prevent My Travertine Tile Floors From Becoming Stained Over Time?

Travertine tile is a natural, porous stone. Over time, your travertine tile can absorb spilled liquids, become etched by acidic juices and can bond with dirt and grime. To prevent your travertine tile floors from becoming stained by all these outside substances, special care is required. Follow these tips to clean your travertine tile and prevent stains from building up on your floor.

Develop a Regular Cleaning Routine

The best way that you can prevent stains from building up on your travertine tile is to develop a regular cleaning routine. This will prevent dirt and grime from staining the travertine tiles in the high-traffic areas of your floor. Dry mop your floor daily, and wet mop with a gentle, mild detergent on a weekly basis. Never use cleaner with an acidic base like lemon juice or vinegar. Acidic substances will etch your travertine tile floors and encourage stains.

Blot Spills, Don’t Wipe

When something spills on your travertine tile floor, blotting the spills (rather than wiping) prevents the spread of a potential stain. Keep absorbent cotton rags or paper towels on hand for the purposes of blotting and absorbing spills as they occur. Blot spills as quickly as possible to prevent them from soaking in and staining your tile.

Seal the Travertine

Travertine tile that is unsealed will absorb liquids more readily than travertine that has been sealed. You can tell if your travertine tile needs to be sealed by the way that liquids are immediately absorbed into the tile instead of first beading up on top of the tile. You can seal your travertine tile with sealant from a home improvement center or a hardware store. To do this, start by cleaning your travertine tile and then allowing it to dry. Next, apply the sealant to the tile with a cotton rag. Once the sealant dries, a second coat may be applied. Read and follow all manufacturer’s instructions before applying the sealant to the floor.

Use a Poultice to Absorb Tough Stains

A poultice is a paste that can absorb the stain from a travertine tile. Poultices are commercially available, but you can make your own at home by mixing baking soda and water together to form a substance that is the consistency of peanut butter. Spread the poultice over the stain, then cover it with plastic wrap. Allow the poultice to sit over the stain for a full day, then wipe it away. If the stain persists, repeat the process.

Over time, your travertine tiles may become too stained to be adequately cleaned on your own. In cases like this, travertine tile cleaning services can restore your travertine tile and make it look beautiful once again. For more information, contact a travertine tile cleaning specialist today.

Nightlife In Glasgow

Nightlife In Glasgow

It’s nighttime in Glasgow and what is there to do? Where is there to go? How do you start the night? Well if you’re a typical Glaswegian some will start with Buckfast as a pre-drink before you head out.



We’re just going to be honest from the start – the mix of tonic wine, cold air, fried food and the general raucous reputation might not be for everyone but for its industrialised ways, Glasgow is one of the friendliest and most creative cities in the UK. The town has tirelessly been regenerating itself for the past 3 decades and this has been helped curate a society of forward thinking artists, designers, musicians and startup entrepreneurs.

When you look at the various venues like Subclub, Glasgow School of Art and so on, these venues have not only excel these creatives but made Glasgow one of the main places in the UK to come for a great night out and general great time.

The nightlife is so diverse in that you can be at a intimate and grimy club one minute and be the plus west end the next there’s so much choice.

Back to the friendly aspect that the city has. Even the security personnel that run the cities nightclub are some of the most helpful and hardworknig around.  If you’re looking for club security in Glasgow then Security Scotland are the choice for you.

Visit Glasgow, it’s a night you won’t forget.