PoliticsElection 2022, Letta Sees Leaders: "United, we can win"

Election 2022, Letta Sees Leaders: “United, we can win”


Last vote confidential delivered to the Nazarene today, learns about Adnkronos, sees First party on Brothers of Italy Giorgia Meloni and allies – potential – all grow in the face of the 2022 political election on September 25. Despite the stormy week. Not to mention the last few hours. Numbers in the hand of dem the secretary put the leaders – as seen today – to choose: go together and try to win or share and win practically on the table on the right.

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“Politics is not a testimony”explains Letta, the tireless weaver and federator of an intricate alliance. And about the tensions through social media, he calls everyone accountable: “Just give the country a show this way.”

On the “left” side of the coalition, the message seems to be on attentive ears. “The Greens have already said yes. Tomorrow is the national assembly The Italian left will have to decide. But “there is optimism about the possibility of an agreement”say of the Nazarene. The Si decision should be followed by a new meeting, announced for tonight but tomorrow after the party led by Nicola Fratoianni has been agreed.

Already on the other hand, the knot from Action Carlo Calenda is not untied. Today, a two-hour face-to-face meeting at Arel’s headquarters in the presence of Più Europa’s secretary, Benedetto Della Vedova.

Mouth sewn by the centrists, but according to reports, Calenda would ask for assurances about the program points agreed with Letta. “You can’t make a pact with an equal and opposite left,” reasoned the Action leader.

Nothing of the sort, the demos argue. The Pact with Calenda is already a system of broad inclusion in the content. In foreign policy, the line of the Democratic Party is very clear and does not change, on the contrary “we were the most resolute and coherent about the crisis in Ukraine, and also about gas, in which Calenda rather hesitated”.

But the document signed with Action and More Europe also covers those issues related to the social crisis that reds and greens also share, from the minimum wage to cutting the tax wedge to give workers more money for wages.

Meanwhile, the day of “passion” among demonstrators with lively social confrontation between potential allies makes more than one saying to give up everyone and go alone, reviving the vocation of the majority. Letta, however, does not share these temptations. “We are the strongest list, but we do not have this temptation,” argues the federator. At least until it is possible. Time is running out. “The intention is to close the whole picture by tomorrow. Time is running out“points out the Nazarene.

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