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A scandal in Ecuador over the disappearance of a lawyer at the Police Academy


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The disappearance of a lawyer at the police station keeps Ecuador tense, especially after Interior Minister Patricio Carrillo has confirmed that they are in possession of records of her entry to Police College, but not of her departure, and that her husband, whom she visited, is at large.

In case of Maria Beln BernalThe 34-year-old, found out after her family reported that they hadn’t heard from her since last Sunday, when she went to visit her husband at the Ecuadorian Police College, where she works as a police instructor.

“There is a record that Dr. María Belén Bernal entered the Police High School and there are no records of her departure. There is a record of her husband’s vehicle that they did not check and notice (she) came out or did not come out, ”Carrillo explained in a statement for Teleamazonas on Thursday.

“Efficiently, it was a security vulnerability. On Sunday around 20:00 local time, the subject exited through the back door. This person knew all the amenities and took advantage of the moment of failure – he added.

The minister explained that after submitting the first statement to the prosecutor’s office, suspect in disappearance Maria Beln Bernal He was released, has been a fugitive since then, and his whereabouts are a search operation was also organized to locate it.

More specifically, several feminist groups organized a strike in Quito this Thursday, demanding that the authorities find María Belén Bernal.

Scan around

Among the actions taken by Carrillo is the suspension of operations at the Police Academy and the initiation of a search in the vicinity of the facility north of Quito, the Ministry of the Interior said in a statement.

Deputy Minister of Homeland Security Freddy Ramos pointed out that all investigation and search teams are being activated to find Bernal. “Exist zero impunity and complete openness to the investigation. We will provide the necessary resources to clarify the facts, said Ramos.

Meanwhile, the Police Commander General Fausto Salinas said it was Monday Missing Persons Reporting Protocol activated and detailed that several tips and elements have been compiled that require specific technical knowledge.

“It is our interest to clarify and know the truth, we ratify the spirit of transparency. If there is fault, you will have to pay in court, we will we will not deal with any police who breaks the law and does not fulfill his obligations, ”said Salinas.

released police

Regarding the employment status of María Belén Bernal’s husband, the Chief Executive of the Ecuadorian Police reported that he had not appeared for three days, and the Inspectorate was ordered to initiate the dismissal procedure.

State Attorney General Diana Salazar also expressed her concern about the case on Thursday, especially as it is involved a law enforcement officer whose duty “is to find people, not make them disappearand even more so in a regiment absolutely controlled by state agents. “

Salazar said the prosecution required the suspect to be under surveillance, but the police “lost control of the follow-up and the national police themselves are responsible for this.”

For his part, the Ombudsman called on the prosecutor to act diligently, and the Ministry of the Interior and the National Police to facilitate the investigation and locate María Belén Bernal.

ESP operations suspended

Activities at the training school for Ecuadorian police officers were suspended on Thursday by ministerial order, Afp reports.

“I have ordered the suspension of all Police School activities and the conduct of exhaustive and block searches in and around ESP (Police College),” Interior Minister Patricio Carrillo said on Twitter.

The former police commander also offered “complete transparency and zero tolerance for gender-based violence.”

“We will file a complaint” as a state portfoliopredicted Carrillo, who did not specify how long operations would be suspended at a police facility on the outskirts of Quito, where uniformed officers were investigating.

Due to the case, which received wide media coverage in the country, Lieutenant Germn Cceres was summoned to testify before the prosecution and then went into hiding, even though the prosecutor asked the police for “follow-up and surveillance at the moment”. suspect”.

Police chief General Fausto Salinas said on Thursday he was at school “Some items were found” belonging to Bernal like your wallet.

Attorney General Diana Salazar indicated via the agency’s Twitter account that “it is known that the Police School has been closed and a search carried out.”

“It must be remembered that the searches are conducted under the direction of the prosecutor. follow protocols to ensure testing. Be careful, they will manipulate every indication! ”He warned.

President of Ecuador William Lassowho is in the United States, said on the same social network that “I arranged to strengthen the search for María Belén Bernal and establish a reward for anyone who provides information on Germn Cceres.”

He added that “all involved in this reprehensible act will be punished according to the law. Nobody will go unpunished. “

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