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Covid today Italy, 22,527 new cases and 60 deaths: September 22 newsletter


In Italy, on September 22, 2022, 22,527 new coronavirus infections emerged, according to Covid data and figures – region by region – of the Civil Protection Bulletin and the Ministry of Health. There are also another 60 deaths.

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165,415 swabs have been processed in the last 24 hours with a positive rate of 13.6%. There are 138 intensive care units employed, 8 less than yesterday and 3,350 ordinary hospitalizations, 66 less than yesterday.


BATHROOM – According to today’s newsletter of September 22, 2,227 new coronavirus infections have appeared in Lazio. There are also 4 other deaths. There were 1,027 new cases in Rome.

Currently in Lazio, ‘out of 3223 molecular swabs and 11862 antigen swabs for a total of 15 085 swabs, there are 2227 new positive cases (+408); 4 deaths (+1), 351 hospitalized (+4), 27 intensive care (stable) and recovery +2833. The positive-to-swab ratio is 14.7%, ”Lazio Health Councilor Alessio D’Amato emphasizes in the Covid newsletter.

Details, infections and deaths in the last 24 hours with regional health agencies. Asl Roma 1: 345 new cases and 1 death; Asl Roma 2: 409 new cases and 1 death; Asl Roma 3: there are 273 new cases and 0 deaths; Asl Roma 4: there are 110 new cases and 0 deaths; Asl Roma 5: 174 new cases and 1 death; Asl Roma 6: 210 new cases and 1 death.

706 new infections appeared in the provinces: Asl di Frosinone: 222 new cases and 0 deaths; ASL Latina: 293 new cases and 0 deaths; Asl di Rieti: there are 80 new cases and 0 deaths; Asl di Viterbo: 111 new cases and 0 deaths.

SARDINIA – According to today’s newsletter of September 22, there are 398 new infections from Covid in Sardinia. There are also two other deaths. Antigenic smear was diagnosed in 367 cases. A total of 2,838 swabs were processed, including molecular and antigen swabs. There are 6 patients admitted to intensive care units (just like yesterday). There are 58 patients hospitalized in the medical area (as of yesterday), and there are 4042 (-53) patients in home isolation. There are 2 deaths: a 71-year-old man living in Metropolitan City Cagliari and a 74-year-old man living in the province of South Sardinia.

EMILIA ROMAGNA – In Emilia Romagna, September 22, 2022, there are 1,555 coronavirus infections, according to Covid data and regional bulletin data. Seven dead have been registered. New cases were identified on the basis of a total of 10,153 swabs taken in the last 24 hours, of which 4,586 were molecular tests and 5,567 rapid antigen tests. Overall, the percentage of new positives for the number of tampons made is 15.3%.

Patients currently hospitalized in intensive care units in Emilia-Romania are 23 (-1 compared to yesterday, -4.2%), the average age is 63.9 years. As for patients hospitalized in other Covid departments, there are 588 of them (-11 compared to yesterday, -1.8%), the mean age is 73.8 years.

The average age of the new positives today is 48.1 years. There are 15 940 (+190) active cases, i.e. real patients. Of these, people in home isolation, ie people with mild symptoms, no inpatient treatment or asymptomatic, account for a total of 15,329 (+202), 96.2% of the total number of active cases. The total number of cured people is 1,358 more than yesterday and we reach 1,814,689 and the last case has been eliminated, positive for the antigen test, but not confirmed by molecular swab.

Calabria – According to today’s newsletter of September 22, 570 new cow infections appeared in Calabria. There is also another death. 3496 smears were performed, +1011 healed, 2997 total deaths. The newsletter also records -442 currently positive, -2 hospitalizations (118 in total) and finally -1 intensive care (5 in total).

BASILICATES – There are 154 coronavirus infections in Basilicata today, September 22, 2022, according to figures and data from the regional bulletin. There is no death. New cases have been identified from a total of 754 swabs taken, and no deaths from Covid-19 have been recorded. There were 222 healings in the same report. There are 15 (-4) hospitalized for Covid-19, 1 of which is in intensive care: 4 (of which 1 is at TI) at Potenza Hospital; 11 including Matera. Overall, the current residing positives in Basilicata are 4871.

ABRUZZO – According to the newsletter of September 22, 694 new infections appeared in Abruzzo. There is also another death. The total number of cases since the onset of the state of emergency – adjusted for changes – increases to 552,562. The number of deaths increases to 3,660. The Regional Health Department reports that the number of positive cases also includes 521,131 discharged / cured patients (+ 474 compared to yesterday).

Currently, the positive results in Abruzzo are 27,771 (+218 compared to yesterday), of which 123 patients (+3 compared to yesterday) are hospitalized in the medical area; 1 (unchanged from yesterday) in the intensive care unit, while the rest are in home isolation. During the last 24 hours, 1,106 molecular swabs (a total of 2,477,038 since the onset of emergency) and 3,678 antigen tests (4,325,022) were performed.

Out of the total number of positive cases, 112,108 live or reside in the province of L’Aquila (+149 compared to yesterday), 157,783 in the province of Chieti (+203), 129,095 in the province of Pescara (+375), 132,745 in the province of Teramo (+150 ), 12256 outside the region (+18) and 8575 (-202) for which origin checks are ongoing.

TUSCANY – Currently, on September 22, 2022 in Tuscany, 1045 new cases of Covid-19 are registered: 176 were confirmed by molecular swab and the remaining 869 by rapid test. The number of infected people detected in the region since the start of the pandemic thus rises to 1,394,215. At the moment it is 81,120 positives, + 0.3% compared to yesterday. Of these, 156 (1 less than yesterday) are hospitalized: 5 (2 more) are in the intensive care unit. The death list is updated with 10 new deaths: 5 men and 5 women with an average age of 83.6 years.

Since the last daily bulletin, 895 molecular swabs and 7,334 rapid antigen swabs were performed: of these, 12.7% were positive. On the other hand, 1,701 people were tested, excluding control swabs: 61.4% of them were positive. The mean age of 1045 new positives is around 51 (12% are under 20 years old, 15% between 20 and 39 years old, 32% between 40 and 59, 29% between 60 and 79, 10% are 80 or older). The new cases are 0.1% higher than the previous day’s total. The number of cured patients increased by 0.1% (804 people) and amounted to 1,302,354 (93.4% of all cases).

In recent cases, the positives have risen to 379,933 since the start of the emergency in the municipalities of the Metropolitan City of Florence (223 more than yesterday), 93,228 in the province of Prato (up by 58), 109,757 in Pistoia (up by 88), 70,249 in Massa Carrara (more 65), 148 792 in Lucca (more 88), 161.812 in Pisa (more 123), 126 246 in Livorno (more 96), 126 622 in Arezzo (158 more), 100 079 in Siena (81 more ) and 76,942 in Grosseto (65 more). To this should be added 555 positive cases reported in Tuscany, but concerning residents of other regions.

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