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Slovakia – Azerbaijan – assessed by experts Merčiak, Hlavena and TV


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“At the beginning of the announced new era of the national team, a catastrophe occurs. I must admit that it is true … Incredible becomes reality, we lost to Azerbaijan 1: 2 – these were the first words of RTVS commentator Marcel Merčiak after the last whistle of the referee on Thursday’s Slovakia’s League of Nations match.

His colleague from Mlynska dolina Ľuboš Hlavena followed these words almost immediately, when during his monologue he had difficulty finding the right words: “Another Slovak football disaster. Our representatives lost 1: 2 at home to Azerbaijan. The premiere of the Italian coach on the bench of our representation brings a disaster.

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We don’t have a “killer” in the national team

The longtime football experts of our public television then began to judge the first match of the new era of the Slovak national team. “At the national team level it should be different. The fact that this was the first game under the new coach is no excuse.

There was very little quality in our team towards the offensive. On the other hand, poor defense of both the first and the second goal. We saw a lot of negatives – former league striker Juraj Piroska began his analysis. – The offensive players didn’t even try to take it upon themselves and show the coach that “I’m here too”.

The result and misery of the Slovak football team in the League of Nations continues. “The concept was clearly stated, the formation was offensive. But quality, creativity and individual attacking performances … There was still something. Either bad first touch or bad execution or pass before final.

We need more quality in the team. Marek Hamšík and Vladimír Weiss are indispensable players in our national team. Even today we have not seen their followers. Even Laci Bénes did not convince me. “ thought Peter Ďuriš.

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While he and Juraj Piroska primarily noted the lack of quality in the attack, Marián Zeman pointed to another problem: – In such a match we are not allowed to score two goals. Are we gonna talk about how the defense didn’t look bad? But she scored two goals! This is the first major mistake. We can’t collect from such opponents twice. “

Then he also returned to problems in the offensive. “We had many chances. And here another question arises – does anyone have to convert them? We were everywhere half a step later, we did not have time to catch up, we do not have players in the high center, and thus head shots … ”

Peter Ďuriš repeated these words again: “We have no” killer “in the national team today. We miss a shooter to run to the header and decide the match. As it was in the past. “

Slovak football coach Francesco Calzona and player Dávid Ďuriš after the game.

Source: TASR

Francesco Calzona chose these players

The debut of the Italian coach Francesco Calzona on the bench of the Slovak team did not come out. – The beginning of the coaching chapter of the national team after the loss to Azerbaijan is probably a step sideways – he added. outlined by Marcel Merčiak and Ľuboš Hlavena added: “Those who expected a miraculous return did not get it at all.”

“This is a new task for the trainer. He would have to deal with it. There will be a wave of criticism, but he has to endure it. I don’t have a contract for two games. He still has to try to establish his style.

We need players to improve and play in the clubs regularly. We’ve got injured, so they can still come and help. If we manage to raise the quality in the final phase, then the efficiency of the second half may be enough for us. Marian Zeman added.

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It’s not easy for a trainer. This is the first time in such a situation. When he was an assistant before, he was always in the background. Now he has to go to the press and stop the players – emphasized Juraj Piroska.

In the first interview in front of the RTVS cameras, Francesco Calzona succeeded. “He needs to get players on his side. He has to hold them. He cannot drop them immediately after the first game. They are all in this together. Not only the players, but also him. “

“Nomination is his business” Peter Ďuriš rejoined. “He picked these players. We know that there are many players from the national competition in the team, although he has not seen a single match in our league. It makes a big difference to see someone on video and a match live. ”

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“Maybe the players don’t think we’ll praise them after losing 1: 2 at home to Azerbaijan,” he added. The speaker was asked by Peter Ďuriš.

And he continued, “They have to meet. They should be focused on every single activity. There’s only one way, and it’s hard work every day and every hour. Be ready because the national team is the most they can achieve. And when they are there, they just have to convince with their performances on the pitch and of course they have to have results. If we do not have them with such teams, and I do not want to underestimate anyone, it will be a road to hell for our football – assured Peter Ďuriš.

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