Creative Ways to Decorate a Foyer


When deciding on a design for the foyer of your home, remember that it is the first impression that people will get of your home. You want this space to say good things about you. You will be able to tell your guests a little about your style right off the bat. You can give your home a country feel, or perhaps a professional feel. This is the room to use if you are wanting to showcase your interests. Giving guests a nice opinion to start with will prepare them to enjoy the rest of your home. Here are the basics of any nice foyer:

1) Do not overlook the outside. Having the loveliest foyer in the world will not matter if the walkway up to your home is a mess. Sweeping your steps, cutting the grass and laying down (or shaking out) a rug are all essential to the impression guests will get of your home.

2) Clear this space of all clutter! You do not want the first thing people notice to be junk! In our home, we take off our shoes by the door. This is easily hidden with a bench/trunk combo. This also gives your guests extra seating if they must wait in this area. Decorative pillows are a nice touch.

3) Add a conversation piece. In our home, we have a large retro print of a wrecked pirate ship. It is very interesting and almost everyone asks about it. If you wish, a painting can make a huge difference in the amount of impact your foyer gives. A nice vintage chandelier also works wonders for making a room look instantly fancy.

4) Make sure you decorate this space for the holidays. Lovely wreaths and seasonal rugs make the room up to date and extend the warmth of your home all the way to the front door!

5) Consider the senses. Some people like to use plug in air fresheners or candles, to create a fresh smell in this area. Purchasing candles and just grouping them together without lighting them will give off a subtle scent.

6) Organize your space. If you have a lovely piece of antique furniture or a small table to place in the entrance, this can help you achieve a pulled together look. Beautiful baskets are a nice way to keep track of mail, keys, and other items that could look disorganized otherwise.

7) Don’t forget to add that mirror! If you have a large mirror to use, it can make your space look even bigger. It is also a nice touch to allow guests to look at themselves before entering your home.

8) Consider built ins. Built in cabinets and shelving will give your home a modern edge. It will give you unique look that many others do not have. If this is impossible, neatly designed book shelves can give the same effect. Do not be afraid to go all out. Be bold!

9) Remodel this room first! Foyers tend to be the smallest rooms in our homes. This is a perfect canvas for that project you have been putting off. Bold paint, exotic decor, and anything else goes in this part of the house. If you love expensive tile, but can’t afford to do the kitchen, start here!

10) It is all in the little things. Placing a fresh bouquet of flowers is always a touch that will not be forgotten. It not only gives others a nice feeling about your home, it lifts your spirits as well. Sconces, statues and pictures are all items that will tell people what to expect from the rest of your lovely home!

Creative Ways to Decorate a Foyer

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