Creative Ways to Decorate with Handheld Mirrors

Handheld mirrors are handy in many ways, but their uses go far beyond function. Many people simply place them on a dresser top, or they use a single mirror as a perfume tray. They can be used to decorate the home in many other creative ways. I have used handheld mirrors to decorate my bedroom and other areas of my home. They can be arranged to create stunning works of wall mounted or tabletop art. Handheld mirrors are available in all styles, and they can be used in countless ways.

Decorate a Portion of a Wall with Creatively Arranged Handheld Mirrors

Imagine arranging handheld mirrors of the same color and style in the center of a bare wall. Place the mirrors in the center and the handles outward to decorate the wall with an arrangement that forms an abstract flower. The handles could be placed in the center to create a circle of mirrors for a completely different look. With frames and handles in a rainbow of colors, the options are endless.

I wanted to create a unique wall hanging for my bedroom. I did not have the money for the mirrored wall hanging that I wanted. I purchased six handheld mirrors that were three dollars each. They had bright yellow handles and frames. I hung a small round black framed mirror in the center, and I surrounded it with the handheld mirrors. It looked like a star burst, and no one realized that my work of reflective wall art was designed with handheld mirrors. The handles had holes, and I connected them with a narrow black ribbon that I threaded in and out of each one to create a border.

Use Handheld Mirrors as Candle Trays

Handheld mirrors also make fantastic candle trays. Ordinary candle trays made from cast resin or other non reflective materials are not nearly as gorgeous as mirrors. I used a set of handheld mirrors shaped like cats to decorate my bathroom. The bare countertop needed something decorative. It was the ideal location for the cat shaped handheld mirrors since the room was decorated in a cat theme.

I prefer using battery-operated candles to decorate my home since they are safer than the ordinary variety. High quality flameless candles look just as real. I placed the two handheld mirrors with handles together, and used the candles to top the mirrors. They provided just enough light to create a relaxing atmosphere for long leisurely baths.

Decorate a Shelf with Handheld Mirrors and More

When seeking creative ways to decorate with handheld mirrors, think vertically. They do not have to lie flat on a dresser top or counter. Decorate a living room shelf with two or more handheld mirrors. Lean them against the wall with the handles pointing downward. Place small decorative items in front of each one, or leave them alone. Those with ornate backs can be turned around and placed on display. They can look just as impressive as expensive tabletop works of art.

Source: Personal and Professional Home Design and Decorating Experience

Creative Ways to Decorate with Handheld Mirrors

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