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/Three Ways To Create More Space During You Kitchen Remodel Project – Essential Woodworking Tools Every Craftsman Should Have/

With the kitchen being one room in the home that is used more than any other, space is usually one of the biggest concerns for homeowners. If you are planning an upcoming kitchen remodel project, there is no doubt that enhancing the space is one of the most important things on your list of things to accomplish.However, creating more space is not always easy in a home that does not already have a lot of room to work with. There are three things that you can do to help enhance the space that you have without actually building on to your home.

Eliminate or Skip the Kitchen Island

In a kitchen that has a lot of room to move, a kitchen island can be a valuable asset. However, if you have a kitchen that is small, the island can be more of a problem than a benefit. The main purpose of the island is to give more storage and counter space, but if you already have plenty of that, it is best to leave the island out of your kitchen. This will open up the area by making it appear less crowded and free up a large amount of room for movement.

Invest in Inset Appliances

Think about all of the appliances that make the kitchen functional and then consider how they could be improved upon as far as space is concerned. If you want to give yourself some room, an inset oven and countertop cooking surface could help free up several square feet. A microwave mounted as part of the cabinetry is also a good idea. Work to free up countertops and be creative about the functional components that are a necessity, but could be implemented differently.

Consider Wall Removal

One of the simplest ways to make a kitchen more spacious during remodel is to eliminate a perimeter wall that could be enclosing the area and making it appear smaller than it is. If you have a wall shared with a dining area or living room, for example, taking the wall out of the picture is actually easy to accomplish and will make a huge difference.

Make sure that while you are working with a contractor on your kitchen remodel project you address the idea of creating more space. Consider these three tricks and talk to the professional remodeling contractor about any ideas that they have used in the past. You may just find that your kitchen is much bigger than you ever thought it could be when all is said and done

There are times when this can be worthwhile

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