Top 5 Marketing BlogsFor some, online marketing can be confusing, if not scary. Thankfully there is a number of great marketing blogs you can consult when looking for ways to promote yourself and your business on and offline. Some of the blogs rehash the same ideas over and over again, but there are some that offer great ideas and helpful tips.

Duct Tape Marketing talks mostly about “simple, effective and affordable small business marketing”. It’s comprehensive and incredibly useful for any small business owner. Even though the design can be a bit overwhelming if you prefer a simple and clear websites, the articles and posts are worth browsing through.

Another blog, which I find very unique is Wonder Branding, which talks about marketing to women and caters primarily to businesses that target female customers. But the beauty of this particular blog is that most of the information can be used in any type of business. Michelle Miller, the author of this blog, is a consultant working with businesses across the US, as well as the co-author of a great book “The Soccer Mom Myth”.

To be perfectly honest, no list of marketing blogs would be complete without Seth Grodin, who, after releasing his highly successful book “Unleashing the Ideavirus” about viral marketing, became a well known online marketing guru. His views on viral marketing and promoting your business are one of the most interesting posts I’ve ever read. This is simply the one blog you should visit whenever you have the time.

Church of the Customer Blog is a blog that caught my attention with their amazing post “Loyalty lessons from Lady Gaga”. Their posts are delivered with creativity and yet they still offer constructive advice on how to improve your business and promote it better. Both Jackie Huba and Ben McConnell are experts at turning customers into loyal followers and we all it’s the regulars that help any business thrive.

And finally, a simply titled The Marketing Blog, from Michael Fleischner, who has over 13 years of marketing experience. I love his style because it’s simple, the message is clear and delivered without any small talk. I especially recommend this blog for all those who are just starting up and still learning what’s what and how to achieve what they want. And still, experienced businesspeople can still learn a lot from this blog.

There are of course other marketing and business blogs that can be extremely helpful and offer great insight into the world of online marketing, these are the five, which I find to be the most informative, creative and also my favorite.

Top 5 Marketing Blogs

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