10 First Mother's Day Gift Ideas for New Moms | ParentsGive her reason to brag about you to friends and family. Here are five thoughtful gift ideas:


You’re the master of D.I.Y (do-it-yourself). You strut like a peacock knowing that you have all the right tools to get a household repair task done. Well, it’s time to spruce up the mansion with a little interior painting, it can be a special gift for your lover. Start with your master bedroom. That’s your nest. Isn’t that why you’re celebrating mother’s day? We’re talking about your wife, not your mom. Take her with you to select the color scheme and do the work as you promised. Rearrange the furnishings if it makes sense. Turn it into a new room for her. A new comforter set, window coverings, and new lamp shades accentuate the fine paint job. If you had a can of spinach you have the power to paint the master bath and family room too.

$100 – $350


Shoe Shine

Do you know how many women neglect their shoes no matter how well they dress? Shoe care is at the bottom of the list for most women. If there are scuff marks on the back of her pumps or flats it’s because she likely drives in her shoes and the driver seat is positioned back too far. Be her hero and gather up five or six pair of her favorite shoes and boots to have them professionally repaired, cleaned and shined. Give a local shoe repair shop a call. You may have to drop the shoes off in the morning and pick them up later in the evening. Put all of the shoes in a big wrapped box, include a few pair of sexy fishnet hosiery and watch her get a kick out of her shiny refurbished kicks and accessories.

$50 – $100


What woman doesn’t enjoy an intense love story? It doesn’t get more passionate and powerful than the ballet. These live theater productions are spectacular. Don’t think of it as a bunch of male dancers running around in little tights, there will also be female dancers running around in little tights. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander – right? Purchase two tickets (for her and you) to a popular local production. There are of course, evening performances and weekend matinees that are sometimes half price. If its her first time, she will be stoked by the amazing scenery and costumes.

$40 – $150

House Cleaning

She does a fantastic job keeping the home clean, of course with the help of you and those wonderful children. That just might be a stretch of the imagination – you and the children. Have the house professionally cleaned from top to bottom. A professional service will vacuum, treat wood floors, mop floors, clean floor boards, dust, clean vertical or horizontal blinds, thoroughly clean bathrooms, kitchen, appliances, pantry and laundry room. Throw in professional carpet cleaning, get your teeth whitened the day before and stand there with a bright smile while she hugs you like the day you proposed to her. Lastly, you and the little refriger-raiders, help mom keep the house clean.

$150 – $250

Cooking Class

This gift could be more for you than for her since you flop at boiling an egg. Just make sure she knows that you’re not dropping a hint about her cooking. These classes typically last several hours and can be fun for both of you. The courses are very hands-on and taught in commercially equipped kitchens by Master Chefs. You’ll learn vital cooking techniques, how to properly use cooking utensils, and prepare popular cuisines from around the world. The best part is you get to eat what you cook along with a nice glass or two of wine. This can be an excellent way for the two of you to share a fun time together and for you to exercise your newly discovered culinary skills and creativity by preparing a surprise candle lit dinner for mom on a random evening in the not too distant future.

$75 – $250

Top Five Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Wife

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