What Happens If A Customer Flushes A Foreign Item Down The Toilet

Many establishments will warn customers not to flush foreign objects down the toilet, as they can cause havoc to the septic system. If someone does not heed this warning and flushes a dirty diaper, sanitary napkin, non-biodegradable object, or even wads of toilet paper or paper towels down the toilet, you may need to hire a drain cleaning service to come to your aid. Here is a summary of what will happen if a foreign object is forced down your piping system, allowing you to have a bit of knowledge about the matter so you can recognize signs when there is a problem in time to remedy it before it becomes worse.

Recognizing Tell-tale Signs

Since it is unlikely the customer that flushes the item is going to tell you he or she has done so, you will most likely be unaware there is a problem right away. The first sign you will notice is that when someone flushes a toilet, uses a sink or shower, or washes clothing, you may experience water filling toilets, sinks or tubs on the lowest level of your establishment. Other signs there is trouble afoot include hearing a gurgling sound within the piping system or finding water around a floor drain.

Finding The Area Of The Clog

If your main waste line is clogged, then any water used within your establishment will cause water to come back inside the building in other areas. If it is a secondary piping system that is clogged, then only certain areas will be affected. This is because the clog is located in an area that has not yet reached the main line.

Pay attention to when water backups occur to help pinpoint where the clog is located, and stop using water that causes the difficulties until a drain or septic specialist, such as Rapid Rooter Inc, can get to your establishment to take a look. Knowing where the problem occurs will help the specialist fix the trouble quicker, and may save you money in labor costs.

Checking The Clean-out Line

If you have access to the clean-out line, you can release the pressure building up within the piping so that the water stops coming inside. The clog would spill outside the clean-out line onto your property, so you may want to sprinkle sand over this area to help mask the odor after it has trickled out of the pipe. If the septic clean-out line is up to the top, the drain lines will need to be cleaned out by a professional.

Peeking Into The Septic

Another reason why water can backup and come back into your building would be if you had a full septic system. Locate the septic and peer inside to see if the water level appears high. If so, call a septic system company to drain your tank. Have them look at your motor to see if it is working properly, as a seized motor would cause high levels of sewage to collect, possibly causing a backup into your building. Often, when a foreign object makes its way to the septic tank, it will seize the engine of the pump when it is trying to push it out to the turkey mound.

What Happens If A Customer Flushes A Foreign Item Down The Toilet

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