Which Office Space Offers A Better Working Environment

It’s a discussion that has been going on decades now; which type of office offers the better productivity for a business. Is the open off or the closed office?  What will work for the longevity of the business and give you long-term success in terms of profits employee retention? There’s numerious factors you need to look at in order to measure it such as the office culture, the cost and office set up cost.


The cost of the  office

You need to think about the cost when you’re setting up your office. You could be setting an office up because you’re  moving or a start up.  The open office design is considerably cheaper than the closed office. In terms of keeping the place warm during winter and cold during the summer months. Also, the initial office set up is cheaper and easier to implement. You can also change the floor space up quickly and efficiently too.  Space is much more available in this type of space as you can get the most space out of it.

Which office is better for meeting clients?

As with every business, situations occur where they need to be dealt with in private. This can include client meetings, important business calls or disputes with employees.  For all of these situations then a closed office is the better option here as you have private rooms and fewer distractions that occur with this office set up. For Human Resource Management work then the closed office is the best also. If you’re looking for HR services in the glasgow area



there are quite a few around to choose from.

Office communication

If you want the company to progress and continue to grow then you need to have great communication between staff and employers. This is helped by the open office as it helps curate this open and creative environment.

We would say for the overall growth of the company the open office will serve you best.


Which Office Space Offers A Better Working Environment

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