Tips to Cook and Clean an Iron Pan


Cooking with an iron pan is easier then any other type of cookware once you get use to how it works. An iron pan is natural, lasts a lifetime and healthy to cook with. A well seasoned iron pan is even non-stick and easy to clean. You never need to worry about scrapping or scratching an iron pan and you will never need to replace it for as long as you live unless you lose it.

To season an iron pan coat a very thin layer of vegetable oil over the pan inside and out and don’t forget to coat the handle. Then place the coated pan into an oven on a very low temperature and let it heat for an hour. Turn off the oven and let the pan cool inside the oven. If you do not have a nice coating on the pan you may need to do it again.

As you use a iron pan it gets better and better. Every time you cook with some type of oil the oil will condition your pan making it better. After you cook with it for awhile you will have a nice non stick surface. You won’t be able to let food slip off of it like in a non stick pan commercial but you will be able to wash it without much effort and you will not be putting any harmful chemicals into your food.

The more you use your iron pan the more you will like it. Some days the pan may need a scrubber to clean up but since you can scratch the pan cleaning is pretty simple.

Washing your iron pan is easy once you get used to it. Do not use much or any soap to clean your pan or you will wash off the oils that make your pan conditioned and you could cause rust to develop. If your pan does rust you will just need to condition it again. Wash your iron pan in hot water and just scrub out any food that is stuck on. It sounds like a job but once you have done it a few times you realize it is better then a non stick pan to wash. A non stick pan will not last forever and is unhealthy to cook with. An iron pan will last forever and will not add any chemicals to your food.

Tips to Cook and Clean an Iron Pan

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