Dangerous Products

Day in and day out consumers are reminded that product manufacturing is anything but a perfect science. Companies that take their wares to market are always under pressure to get them there as quickly and cheaply as possible. That statement alone gives credence to the (ominous) warning – Buyer Beware. One could take that to mean that we are on our own when it comes to product safety – and frankly, we are. Oh sure, there are state and federal organizations charged with the responsibility of safety oversight. But the reality is that they are too few in number – and I would even suggest they are nearly ineffective – in their ability to ensure the total safety of the average consumer.

And no product is too sacred to cut corners. Baby food and milk? They have both been found to be contaminated. Grocery items – foods of all sorts, from meat to milk and more – these too have been ingested by unsuspecting Americans who later became ill. Medicine, clothing – everything is fair game in a world where the bottom line is the bottom line – not consumer safety. (Why, it was recently revealed that even the latest fad – reusable shopping bags – is made with a substance that may adversely affect the shopper).

We must remember that the companies who are responsible for making and market consumer goods are not the warm hearted commercial images they present on television and in other media. Unfortunately, that too is manufactured. It is your responsibility to stay abreast of consumer product warnings – it is your right to seek financial redress if you or a love one is injured by a dangerous consumer product.

Dangerous Products

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