Creative Ways to Decorate Stair Risers

Stairs in a home are climbed multiple times each day, and people rarely pay attention to their appearance while they are ascending and descending the steps. Stair steps are usually very basic. They are designed to serve a purpose, and although rails and surrounding decor can be quite impressive, the actual stair risers are usually unadorned. Use creative ways to decorate stair risers to make a statement or to add color and design to the stairway. They are fun and easy to decorate in creative new ways, and they can become works of functional art.

I took a creative painting and decorating class several years ago, and the class instructor brought in photos of unique stair risers. I was highly impressed with the creative designs. Some were whimsical, and others had amazing detail. I used one of the options to decorate my finished basement stairs.

Paint Stair Risers to Look Like Classic Novels

Imagine standing back and gazing at a flight of stairs with the risers that looked like classic novels. They are easy to create with stencils and acrylic paint. Begin by painting stair risers in alternate colors such as forest green, dark red and navy blue. These are typical hardback book colors. Paint one or two gold lines across each end, and use the stencils to fill in the titles of the books along with any other desired details. Randomly alter the position of the lines and text for a realistic look. If they are well painted, the stair risers will look like a leaning stack of books.

Add Aluminum Diamond Metal Plating to Stair Risers

I used sheets of aluminum metal plating with diamond designs to decorate my stair risers, and I covered the tops of the steps with carpeting. The sheets of metal were crafted with raised diamond shapes. They are commonly used for kick plates on doors, but they are also used to trim stair steps on trucks. Look up aluminum diamond metal plating, and consider using it to decorate your stair risers. Not only will they decorate the stair risers in a unique and creative way, but they will protect the stairs from scuffs.

Number the Steps in a Whimsical Way

Anyone who has ever counted steps while climbing a particularly tall flight would appreciate a whimsical way to decorate the risers. Consider numbering each one. Decorate the wood with a dark background of your choice, and number every step beginning at the bottom. Use comic sans lettering or another quirky choice, and make sure they are lined up evenly from top to bottom. It is an ideal way to decorate stairs in a home with pop art style.

I have thought of other creative ways to decorate stair risers. The options are only limited by the imagination. They could be painted with rainbow colors, black and white line designs, optical illusions and more. I would love to paint stair risers with a design that appears to rotate. It is an illusion, and with abstract or pop art decor, it could look amazing.

Source: Personal and Professional Home Design and Decorating Experience

Creative Ways to Decorate Stair Risers

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