Creative Ways to Decorate with Mirrors!A mirror can be much more than a looking glass. You can use mirrors to liven up a room or to give your crafts a unique look… you can even make a one-of-a-kind purse! So check out some of these unique ways to use mirrors!

Can’t decide on what kind of artwork to put on your wall? How about hanging a mirror instead! A mirror does not have to be hung at eye level. Hang it anywhere… high or low! Framed mirrors are especially nice on a wall. But if you are on a limited budget you can buy inexpensive mirrors with plain edges then just buy cheap frames to go around them. And remember, you can paint the frames any color you want!

Try doing an entire wall of mirrors for a dramatic look! Mix and match the shapes and styles. Or hang mirrors along the walls of a hallway or staircase. This is a great way to add lots of light to a darker space. Want to really spruce up the look? Paint some colorful flowers or other designs on the mirrors. Don’t have any artistic talent? Just paint stripes along the edges using colors that will tie the mirrors in to your existing decor!

Mirrors are not only for walls! You can buy small mirrors that stand up (look in the bathroom department) and put them on end tables, shelves or on your fireplace mantle. Then place a decorative item in front of the mirror such as a small figurine. This lets you see the back of the figurine without turning it around! Or put a decorative candle in front of the mirror and when you light the candle you will see two flames instead of one!

If you want a spectacular window treatment at an affordable price try this trick: Hang a full length mirror on each side of the window about 8 inches away from the window frame. Paint the frames of the mirrors the same color as the window trim (do this before you hang them). Then hang a mini blind or a pull down shade in the window. That’s all you need! The mirrors will make the window look huge! This is a great window treatment for single window on a long wall. It helps fill the space and evens out the room. You may also want to consider putting a shelf above the window to showcase collectibles. This turns your window into a work of art!

You can buy colorful mirror tiles in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes in just about any craft store. And you can glue these tiles to just about anything! Glue them on frames, on decorative boxes, on the cover of your scrap book… you can even glue them on the lid of your toilet seat! Need some fancy accessories for a night on the town? Make a one-of-a-kind purse by gluing colorful mirror tiles all over it! Glue a few tiles on a plain barrette for a nice hair accessory. You can also glue a few tiny mirror tiles on your shoes!

You can dress up the dinner table with mirrors too. You can cover an entire table with a mirror for a truly elegant look. Or you can add just a hint of elegance by placing a small mirror under each wine glass. Want to give your guests something to smile about? Stand a small mirror at each place setting so your guests can secretly keep a check on their appearance while they are dining! And hang a small card from the mirror that says “you are looking at a very special guest!”

Want a fun way to decorate your bathroom? Hang a variety of hand mirrors all over the walls as art! This is also nice in a young girl’s bedroom. And it’s a nice way to start a hand mirror collection!

And don’t forget that mirrors are functional too! Hang a mirror on the inside of every door in your house. Next time you need a full length view all you have to do is open a door and check yourself out!

Creative Ways to Decorate with Mirrors!

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