Creative Ways to Decorate with VinesLive plants such as vines are fantastic decorating accessories that have more than one purpose. Not only do they add visual appeal, texture and style to a space, but they also add priceless oxygen to the room. They can be used to fill in empty areas on shelves, tables and more. Best of all, some trailing plants require low levels of light, and this makes them even more versatile when trying to decorate a bathroom, bedroom or any room in the home. Use these creative ways to decorate with vines, and enjoy the beauty of live plants.

Add Privacy to a Bathroom Window

When looking for new ways to decorate with vines, move them out of the kitchen or living room and into the bathroom. Use the lush growth to create a veil of privacy over a bathroom window. Place a potted vine on a shelf in front of a window, or hang it from the ceiling. When blinds are not all that private, decorate with vines instead of or in addition to curtains. They will look absolutely beautiful, and they will grow lush and very healthy in the humid location.

Decorate Above a Sunny Kitchen Window

The kitchen is the ideal location when looking for places to decorate with vines. If the ceiling height allows, place potted vines above a sunny kitchen window, and use the vines to frame the window treatments. They can also be placed in front of windows that are a bit too sunny. They will beautifully filter the sunlight and decorate the space in eye-catching new ways. Consider planting them in crocks that have been partially filled with pebbles for drainage. Use something unexpected instead of store-bought planters. They will add visual appeal and coordinate with a decorating scheme or theme of the kitchen.

Decorate a Rustic Shelf in an Interesting New Way

A rustic shelf can be beautifully embellished with live plants. Decorate the center of the shelf with potted vines, and allow them to grow over the side ends of the shelving. Use the areas beneath the vines to decorate with a favorite collection of trinkets. Everything from frogs to princesses will look lovely beneath the canopies of potted vines.

Use Vines to Enhance a Beautiful Bay Window

A bay window is not complete without beautiful potted plants, and this is the ideal place to decorate with live vines. Place one larger variety in the center and two smaller types on both sides. Decorate in between with eye-catching crystal pieces, collectible trinkets or other plants. They will grow beautifully, and they will have plenty of room to vine down the wall. They can also be used along with brackets to gently hold back lightweight sheers or curtains.

Creative Ways to Decorate with Vines

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