Creative Ways to Decorate with Wall Planters

Wall planters provide a unique way to decorate with faux floral arrangements, and they can be used to create a focal point. In any case they come in many different styles from dramatic and sleek to elegantly detailed. Use these creative ways to decorate with wall planters, and incorporate the beauty of faux flowers and foliage into the style of a space within your home. They are available in all price ranges from highly affordable cast resin to one-of-a-kind metal works of sculptured art.

Use Vertical Planters to Highlight a Work of Art

Consider using a pair of mounted planters to decorate and highlight a large work of art. They can be hung on both sides of a large wrought iron work or art. Fill the wall planters with dry florist foam, and use the foam to securely hold the stems of faux foliage and blooms. High-quality realistic trailing vines look lovely in these types of planters. Hang them diagonally or evenly around the wrought iron work of art, and if the vines are long enough, wind a few of the ends through the wrought iron to make them appear even more realistic.

When choosing to highlight a painting with wall planters containing faux blooms and foliage, select a floral painting or an outdoor spring or summer scene. A beautiful painting of a meadow or a country cottage surrounded by wildflowers is an excellent choice. Even a painting of a single bloom is a great choice when looking for creative ways to decorate with wall planters. Use flowers of the same types as those featured in the work of art to draw more attention to the planters and the painting.

Decorate Around a Mirror with Wall Planters

When looking for a location to decorate with wall planters, consider mounting them next to a large mirror. This would look lovely in a foyer or entryway, at the end of a hall or on a bare great room wall. Select blooms that pick up accent colors in the room or space of choice. They will beautifully frame the mirror no matter where it is placed.

Decorate a Doorway with Wall Planters and Faux Vines

Browse the Internet for cast resin, molded plastic or metal wall planters. Besides adding color and appeal to a bare wall, they can add architectural interest. Another area that can be highlighted with wall planters is the top corners of a doorway wall – if the ceiling is high enough. Fill them with variegated faux vines that run down both sides of the doorway. They will look absolutely stunning when used to decorate a doorway in an interesting new way.

Creative Ways to Decorate with Wall Planters

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