Creative Ways to Decorate Your Dorm Room

As the school year starts up again, many college students are faced with a similar problem. Besides trying to adjust back to the academic mindset and schedule that the start of a new school year brings, they have to deal with the issue of arranging their dorm rooms. Regardless of the age or year of the student; freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors alike all face the dilemma of decorating their dorm rooms in such a way that makes them unique and welcoming without breaking any decorating rules that the university holds regarding the decoration of the rooms. Since most colleges don’t allow students to paint or put wall paper up on their walls or ceiling, students often resort to hanging up posters and pictures to liven up their dorm rooms. However, since so many students do this, many dorm rooms lose their unique feeling and are left looking a bit generic. As a simple solution to this problem, I am suggesting a different way to liven up your dorm room-by using fabric.

Most “everything” stores like Walmart have fairly large craft departments where you should be able to find a plethora of fabric options to suite your unique tastes. If you can not find what you are yearning for, try a more specialized store like a craft store and search for your desired fabric there. Before you shop, figure out how you will be employing the cloth in your dorm room d├ęcor and take measurements accordingly. This will prevent you from accidentally buying too much or too little fabric.

To brighten up your walls, try hanging fabric on them. This can be done in several ways-whichever satisfies your taste most. By draping different colors of fabrics across the walls and pinning them with tacks so that they hang with interesting looking pleats, you will create a dorm room that offers a classy feel to it. Simply covering the walls with fabric hung straight down and pinned flat against the wall will leave a simple texture-ized look to the wall, while almost giving the appearance of wall-paper and yet still brightening up the room. One especially fun way to hang fabric against the walls in your dorm room is to hang the fabric in such a way as to imitate window curtains against a plain wall. This looks both comfy and classy.

Besides the walls, you can hang fabric in other places in your dorm room as well. By pinning a clothesline type rope across the room and clipping a large sheet of fabric onto it, you can create a room partisan that functions as decoration and a giver of privacy. Since widows tend to look much cheerier and home-like with curtains, try pinning up fabric in a curtain like way over the tops/sides of the inside window frame. You can even hang fabric in a similar way over mirrors, thus giving the room a very “together-like” feel.

Creative Ways to Decorate Your Dorm Room

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