Places To Stay In Edinburgh

Places To Stay In Edinburgh

With the new student year just around the corner, right now there’s an influx of students moving to Edinburgh to start the new University year.



We’ve put together a list of places in the city that are popular for student living. Some areas are more expensive and others so we suggest choosing a place that is suitable to your budget.


This part of town has many residential Victorian tenement flats available which is great for student living. There are many shops within walking distance from most of the flats and it has a nice peaceful feel to it without it being out the way. Depending which part of Marchmont you are staying it’s around a 5 to 15-minute walk to Edinburgh University. Popular with undergrads and master’s students, this area can be expensive but there are some bargains to be found here in the rental market.



Situated near to Lothian road is the lively area of Tollcross. With loads of cinemas, clubs, bars and restaurants nearby this is a great spot for students. It’s not crazy busy as you might expect with a quiet feel to it. It’s a little cheaper than some other central areas too so it could be somewhere to think about. You’re still not far away from the likes of the Meadows. Commuting time to George Square is around 15 mins walking. The area has a mix of tenement and modern apartment living so you have a varied choice here.


Reasonably priced and popular with students, Newington is situated in the southside of the city. With loads of bars, restaurants, shops and supermarkets, you are spoilt for choice here. Around 20 minutes’ walk from the University of Edinburgh. The accommodation available is suited to varied student budgets too.

New Town

This is one of the most sought-after areas in the city with some properties costing well over £1 million but don’t fret as there are lots of affordable flats to rent too. With a substantial student population in New Town, it’s lively but not the cheapest to live and study. It has some of the finest Georgian architecture of anywhere in the city. Although it’s one of the most picturesque places to stay in Edinburgh, you’re looking at a 30-minute walk to Edinburgh University.




A quaint part of the city and very nice too. There is a student population here though and you will find flats within budget.  Independent shops, bars and cafes are scattered around but it doesn’t take away from its residential feel. If you’re looking for exercise then the daily commute in walking to the University of Edinburgh is around 30-40 minutes. There’s many garden flats available here but you might need to invest in a garden team. We suggest glasgow landscaping team PBL.


This is a great spot if you’re a student. Loads of nice shops, bars and restaurants and other things to do here. It has a great balance though as it has a great residential feel too. Situated in between Morningside and Tollcross, you can find lots of affordable accommodation here. Not far from George Square either.

Places To Stay In Edinburgh

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